Saturday, January 3, 2009

Poor Uncle Simon

Simon is my Uncle
he had a large carbuncle
he chopped it off
that made him cough
that was the end of my uncle! bum-bum

Love you hope you enjoy ha ha

Love Megan


Han :) said...


that made me laugh meg

hope your doing okay my darling!

thinking of you every day :)
i was with bex and emmie last night :) sending love xxxxx

give your mummy a MAHOOOOOOSIVE hug for me and tell her i say keep happy :)
i dont know if you have msn or anything

buuuut if you do add me and i will do my best to talk to you on a more personal and direct note on there :)

love you tons gorgeous

kisses and hugs

phmid said...

Grandad took Meggie to the zoo. They got chatting to a zookeeper:

Zookeeper: What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinoceros?

Meggie; 'Ell if I know!

Unfortunately, they tried to keep Grandad in the zoo!

Lol, lol, (Lots of love and laugh out loud)

Nanna & Grandad xxxoooxxx