Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How im feeling today


im feeling really sad today because my mom just shaved off all my hair because it's starting to fall out. Im angry and sad in the same way but it has to happen. I'll be going horse riding on the weekend hopefully if its not to hot for my mom and the horses. so yeah i dont have anything else to say so ill talk to you some other time

Bye Megan

It wasn't too hot so here I am riding Gringo in the Aussie bush!


Lisa said...

Hi Meg,
I can imagine that you would feel pretty sad and mad about your lovely hair. At least you know know it will grow back :-) (besides..it great fun being blonde you know!)

I just want you to know, we all think you are amazing and you have more people wishing you well than you could possibly ever imagine.
Hope you manage to go horse riding at the weekend and if it is too hot, then ask your mum if you can come swim at ours, we would love to have you all over.

thebeegeez said...

Hey there Meggie Moo

Sounds like you are being a real trooper again ! I'm sorry about your hair but remember what they say: Blondes have more fun!!! Why do you think I went blonde :)

Sounds like you made your Dad's birthday a lot of fun, go give that punch bag some wellie Megs !!!!

We are all thinking about you every day over here and wish you a very speedy recovery

lots of love to all of you, Nana as well

Beckie xoxoxoxoxox

UNCLE STU said...

Hi Meggie,

So sorry to hear about your hair loss - I have the same problem love except there is no way mine is going to grow back like yours will. Hope you manage to get on that horse at the weekend and have a really good fun ride. Also give Dad's birthday present a couple of really good whacks - I fond it usually makes you feel better. Hope you all had a great day celebrating Dad's birthday - we all drank a special toast to him tonight, so, from all of us here in Cape Town to all of you over there in Perth, loads of love and keep up the good fight Meggie - YOU ARE GOING TO WIN!!!!!!
Love from
Uncle Stu, Aunt Nicky, Gran, Jenny, Justine, Malcolm, Matthew and Dylan ( Oh sorry forgot the two dogs Monty and Coco send woofs and licks)

Clare said...

Hi Meg
so sorry to hear about your hair it will grow back even more fantastic than it was before.Enjoy horse riding ,enjoy being a blonde bombshell, keep fighting we are all behind you every step of the way
love Clare x x

Lisa said...

hi meg its me Jay hope to do your nails very soon . have you got a D.s coz when i come and do your nails i can bring my ds hope you feel better soon bye xxx