Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's been a while.....

Well, we have been blessed with 11 months of remission......what an amazing achievement for Meggie. She's doing so well, and sometimes, we even forget momentarily that cancer has been a part of lives. We still have monthly blood tests and three monthly CT scans, and that does give us reassurance that a close eye is being kept on her.

We've had such a busy time of late; Ellie & Meg's nana and Grandad came out for 6 weeks which was wonderful. The girls really miss spending time with them, especially Nana, who is just like her Mum was, and I LOVED that lady so much. I can see the same relationship with my mum and my girls. The distance between us isn't good, but in lots of ways the world is a very small place and we speak almost every day on the phone....

Meg has started having extra tuition, which has been so kindly provided by The Ronald McDonald House. She has 40 hours to do, and it's with her class teacher after school. We're hoping she can get back "up to speed" before she starts high school in January. I can't believe that she's going to be a high schooler.... I was looking back on the photographs of when she was first diagnosed in 2008, and she looks such a baby.....She's spent so much of her life dealing with health makes me so sad when I think about what she's gone through; what Ellie has gone through too as a result of Meg's health. I still find myself going over my pregnancy with Meg in detail. What if I hadn't had the ultrasounds? What if I hadn't worked with dogs? What my old English Literature teacher used to say......"What if....the two saddest words in the dictionary". I know that I'll never find the answers to my questions, and that there's a possibility that it was nothing that I did, just bloody bad luck...
It's strange...I've put off writing on here for a while because I didn't think I'd have anything interesting to say, but having read that first paragraph, it just confirms that in spite of remission, this nightmare never goes away. It's not as prominent in our minds, but it's always there. Especially when Meg complains of pain, anywhere. Cancer and relapse always come flooding into my mind, then I give myself a good talking to and remind myself that all her blood work is good, the last CT scan was good, so it's just the pains of a growing teenager.

We recently did the big fundraiser for the Cancer Council's Relay For Life. We tag teamed with our wonderful friends Ali, Michelle and Evie. It was a very emotional, but very positive 24 hours and over half a million dollars was raised. I was so proud of Meg when she did the Lap of Honour" wearing her "Survivors Sash"!

Our visa saga continues.....I got everything in to immigration that they required for our permanent residency application. THAT was a lot of work! They sat on it for a while and after a couple of "prompt emails" from me, the decision came back......The Commonwealth doctor who deliberates on major health issues of applicants, has decided that he would like to wait another 6 months before he makes a decision on whether he will grant Meg residency...... My first reaction was not a particulary pretty one, but having spoken with friends and family, we have to be grateful that it wasn't a "no". At least there's still a chance.

We recenly met Sir Richard Branson! He was over to help promote who have been so amazing for our family - Meg was in awe of him! Couldn't believe how much he was worth!!! I think she had designs on his island "necker" but alas it wasn't to be...! She's also going to her first camp! It's been arranged by Princess Margaret Hospital oncology, and is finded by the Broome Community. About 14 years ago a young boy named Karl from Broome was diagnosed with Leukaemia and during his treatment, really wanted his friends on the ward to experience his hometown of Broome. The community began to raise funds so that this could be achieved. Tragically, Karl didn't win his battle with cancer and passed away. The Broome Community decided to continue this funding in memory of Karl and since then, each year, kids from 3B get to have the most awesome week away - riding camels, hovercrafts, fishing, swimming and all sorts of mad things! Two oncology nurses and a play therapist go along too. I was flabbergasted when Meg agreed to go. She's never been keen on going away without us (neither am I keen to let her go without us!) but I suppose it's all part of growing up and spreading her I'll be so delighted for her, but will miss her terribly - the mobile phones will be hot!

Meggie went riding with her Aunty Sharron - something that you know she LOVES to do! She had a great time (after they tooke her off quite a feisty little gelding and put her on a nice, steady mare!)
It was Mother's Day turned out to be a very busy and quite stressful day, which didn't allow me the time to reflect on how very, very lucky I am to still have my two girls. So many people we know have lost their child.... It's 4am now. The house is peaceful. Now I can reflect... And I am thanking the universe, God, and whoever wants to listen, for the blessings of my beautiful daughters.