Thursday, January 29, 2009

A few pics....

A few photos of my beautiful girls, Daddy and one of our new kitties, Romeo! (Ellie named him!!)


Clare said...

Hi you gang just quick hello to say love the pics they ooze love and togetherness ,fab xxx

Courtney said...

Hi Megan

Its Courtney hope you remember me. I hear that you're still not well. What a bummer! The doctors and nurses are really nice at PMH arn't they? Have you been visited by the clown doctors?? They're very funny!
Keep smiling
Love Courtney.

UNCLE STU said...

Hi Stanleys,
Lovely pics - Hang in there you are a winning team! Talking of which - What about that "klaap" (ask Dad what it means Meggie) your Cricket Team got this afternoon. Love that blonde wig Meggie it looks really cool. Why no pics of Mom?
Love to you all

Stu and Nootch