Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Now the waiting.....

Well, the second cycle of the chemo is done and we came home on Sunday. Meg was so keen to get home, and had been told by one of the oncologists that there was a possibility that she could come home on Saturday, but the poor love had probably the worst day of nausea and vomiting that she's every had and the only way it could be controlled was to knock her out with strong drugs. She was so disappointed and we had a few tears, but fortunately her medication kicked in and she slept through the night (apart from the routine loo trips) and felt fine the next morning.

We're back on the injections in the leg every day to get her blood count up, but she seems to be tolerating them better this time. We just got back from her weekly trip to the hospital for a full blood count and she's very neutropenic again. I guessed that she was as her energy level has dropped quite a bit and she's feeling very tired. As we were on our way to hospital this morning she was very quiet and then suddenly sat up and looked at me. We were in the middle of heavy traffic and stuck on the middle lane of a three way highway. I asked her what was wrong and she said "I feel sick"... bit of a problem that as I had nothing with me for such an event. I couldn't pull over for her to get out of the car, so I went scrambling in my handbag and found a nylon shopping bag that I keep in there. So, the nylon shopping bag got it and she felt much better. It's hard to know if it was a late effect of the chemo or a bit of car sickness.

So...now the 2nd cycle of chemo is done, now we wait. Meg has a series of tests booked for the week of 9th Feb; blood tests, CT scan, bone scan, kidney function and hearing tests and THEN a decision will be made as to where we go from here. It will probably either be surgery to remove the diseased areas on her liver and lymph nodes, or more chemo. It's the waiting that drives us mad. All the parents I speak to at PMH oncology say the same - so much waiting and worrying.

While we've been home, and with the help of Nana, Meggie's room has had a bit of a spruce up and she now has some of the nice pink on her bedroom walls that Ellie has. Can't let nice pink paint go to waste eh!? Meg got into it and did a pretty good job with the roller! She's off to the movies this afternoon with Nana to see "Hotel for Dogs" and is really looking forward to that special treat - it's so much better when Nana takes her!

It's lovely to see all the comments that we're getting on this blog - thank you everyone for taking the time to read about our journey and for all your wonderful wishes. Please know that we read every single comment and are truly thankful for your caring......


Lisa said...

YAY!! Glad you are home Meg..and since you seem to be such a dab hand at painting..I reckon I can find a few jobs for you at my house, I'll pay you well!
Hope you enjoyed the cinema, let us know if its worth seeing.
See you all very soon.
Lisa x x x x

trazzer said...

Blummin Ek , did i read that right about the pink paint coming from Ellie's room !!!! My how times have changed since your move to Oz ..... never thought I'd ever hear that Ellie was into " pink "he,he,he, Glad to hear your back home and enjoying yourself again Meggie , these nana's don't half come in handy at times eh :) Take care thinking about you all everyday , lots of love from "Rainy Rochdale " X :)

Shaz said...

Hi Meggie

I found your Blog!! Grandad told me about it and I've read all of it - its been a hell of a journey.... but I'm really glad your home and painting too!!! Like Lisa, I've got stacks you could come and paint but its a bit of a long way to come!!

Look after yourself and hope to catch up again soon.... Give everyone a big hug from me and one for yourself too!!... love ya... Shaz...xxx

Roebucks said...

We both wanted to just give you a great big hug today, Meg. Keep up the good fight. You are always on our hearts and minds. You too, Jane.
Simon & Karli

thebeegeez said...

Wow !! Ellie Bellie with a pink room ??? nah, not possible !!!!! Nice job with the roller Megs, don't make too good a job of it, your Mom will get you doing the rest of the house :)

Glad you are back home petal, we were thinking about you last week.. yukky stuff but you will kick it up the bum I'm sure !!

Sending love and hugs to all of you, lots of love from a very icey Austin ( UGH !!! nasty stuff) xoxoxoxooxoxox

UNCLE STU said...

Sawubona Meggie!!! Kunjani??

Ask Dad what that means. So happy to hear that you are home and feeling in "the Pink". When you are finished with your room, hop on a Qantas flight and get over here girl - we have a whole house you can get started on, just don't bring the pink paint.

Keep the good news coming Stanley family. All here are praying and thinking of you every day.

Love and bear hugs for Megs

Blue paint for Ellie (better than Pink)

Thoughts and prayers for Mom and Dad and all

Stu and Nootch