Saturday, April 18, 2009

We're so proud!

Meggie received her Lions Children of Courage Award this morning, and what an emotional experience it was. Not only because of what Meggie has been through, and continues to face, but what all of the other children have also faced. The stories we heard were just so humbling; some of these children have had to deal with huge challenges, and they all had a smile on their face (well almost all of them!) It's a good job Doula Heather lent me some tissues.......
Meg was SO nervous about this morning; didn't want to get dressed, didn't like the outfit, didn't want the award, didn't even want to go! When we arrived and she saw the stage she was terrified, and we had a few tears. Thankfully, the children were called out in alphabetical order so Meg had time to see how it all worked and how the children seemed to enjoy it, so by the time it was her turn to go up, she was "champing at the bit"! She did really well. She asked me to go up to the stage with her, which I did as far as the side of the stage, then off she went to receive her certificate, her medal and her teddies! She came back to her seat beaming! We're SO proud of her!!
Thank you to those of you that came to support Meg - it was really special to have you there and sharing in Meg's award.

Hope you enjoy the pics!


UNCLE STU said...

Hi guys,

Super pics and lovely to see you all together and looking so happy.

Clare said...

Fab family pics you all look so proud and happy
love and prayers to you all
the campbell clan xxx