Sunday, April 12, 2009

Almost end of round 4.....

Well, we're on the last day of the fourth round of chemo; two more to go...... Meg's handled it very well as is her way, inspite of day 3 and 4 causing her lots of vomiting, and we're hoping to be discharged sometime today if she's able to tolerate oral fluids. This time, she insisted on sleeping in a recliner chair - she feels much more comfortable in it, partly because of her wound from her recent liver surgery and partly because she's all packed into it and feels very snug!

Yesterday we said a sad goodbye to my brother Simon, and my neice Jennifer. It's been lovely having them with us for a couple of weeks and we've laughed so much which in itself is great medicine, especially for Meg. Unfortunately, Simon and Jen had to say goodbye to Meg in the hospital, but we had lots of fun before he left and what made it even better was that Meg was feeling well enough to enjoy it.

I've finally made arrangements to get some counselling; something that I've been encouraged to do by lots of people, but have kept putting off for various reasons. The counselling is provided by The Cancer Council and they link you with a counsellor they feel is best suited for your particular situation. I'll be taking Ellie with me for a joint session and then hopefully Ellie will feel comfortable meeting with the counsellor on her own from time to time. Meggie still sees her Occupational Therapist. She gets on very well with her and is able to open up to her which is great. So much more goes through her mind than she lets on so it's really good that she had a place where she can talk about things without worrying about upsetting us.

I'm going back to work this week! My lovely boss Linda asked if I'd like to cover for the lady that stepped into my place when Meg relapsed as she's spending the Easter holidays with her children. I feel that this is a good time to "trickle" back into work as we only have two more cycles of chemo to get through and weekly hospital appointments for bloods. I've missed the camaraderie of work, the support and love of the women I work with (although I know it comes from them in spirit), and it'll be good to earn a living too! So Meg and I will be going to the office in North Freo on Thursday and Friday this week and Tuesday and Thursday the week after. I'm really looking forward to it.

On Sunday of this week, Meggie will be receiving her Children of Courage Award. She's so nervous about it! We'll be taking lots of pics of the day and will be posting them on here. (That's if I can hold the camera along with the box of tissues that I know I'm going to need).

It's cloudy and windy today - lovely! Meg and I have just been for a little walk outside (along with the IV trolley). It was gorgeous to feel the wind and to sit and enjoy the fresh air. We sat and played I Spy, chatted and played a hand game called "Double Double This This"! Now we're back inside Hotel 3B, watching the minutes and hours tick away, and hoping that the doctors say we can escape!

Thank you to all of that visited us during this stay; it was lovely to see you all plus it really helps to break up the monotony of the days.

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break!

Jane xxxxxxx


Clare said...

Hi all
Glad your near the end of this round of chemo just two more to go then i hope and pray that you never have to go through it again Can't wait to see all the pics when you get your award that you deserve more than anyone else I know , enjoy the day don't be nervous you will be great .Jane going back to work sounds just what the doctor ordered a bit of normality for you ,the girls you work with sound great. Love and prayers to you all ,from the Campbell clan xx

UNCLE STU said...

Megs, You will cross that finishing line as an ALL TIME WINNER!! Your courage and perseverance has been an example to all of us. As a family you have been an outstanding example of togetherness and love. Our prayers will continue for all of you.

All our love

Stu and Nootch