Thursday, April 30, 2009

My "pwecious wittle fwower"!!!

Meg and I had a bit of makeover evening on Sunday and this was the result!! Her hair has started to fall out again so we got creative and I tried to make a flower (although Phil thinks it looks like a cannabis plant!). I started making the stem and leaves at the back of her head but she got fed up! Bless her; she's such a good sport! A bit of turquoise eyeshadow was the final touch!
We were in PMH again today for kidney function testing, hearing test and blood tests to check that Meg's well enough to have chemo tomorrow, which she is - so back we go again in the morning. She has to have a large dose of steroids 12 hours before her chemo starts, and I'd negotiated with them today to give her the steroid at 11pm tonight and for her chemo to start at 11am tomorrow. But....another change of plan (and that happens a LOT)....I had a call this evening from one of the doctors and she now has to have her steroid at 2am! At least the steroid is in tablet form instead of liquid like last time (at 1am :~( ) so it won't take long to get them down her and back to bed!!
My next blog will probably be done while sitting in the dark in Hotel 3B at PMH, during what I hope with my whole soul, spirit and mother's love will be Meg's last but one cycle of chemo. We have a very vague light at the end of the tunnel. Not anything that we can truly rely on, but something......that we HAVE to hang on to , and believe in, that our "pwecious wittle fwower" will beat this and that we'll see an end to this nightmare journey and watch her grow and blossom into a wonderful, healthy adult.


Uncle Simon said...

Flipin Ek!!

Wished I'd thought of that one!!!

Uncle Simon


wilddingo said...

so cute! good luck with the Chemo

thebeegeez said...

Best of luck tomorrow, go give it some wellie Megs !!!!

lots of love


Heather said...

HI Meg and Jane.

Just wanted to pop in and say hello and I think you both look FAB after your make over!!!
I will be thinking of you all and praying that this is the last round of chemo that Meg has to go through. Stay strong and I will catch up with you soon.

Lots of love


Clare said...

Hi Jane and Meg

The flower looked fab
by now you will be nearing the end of what I am positive will be the very last but one chemo battle ,hope it hasn't been too horrible but knowing you you will have taken it all in your stride
Stay strong that light at the end of the tunnel is getting stronger
All our love ,prayers and best wishes Clare xxx

kirsten said...

hi Meg,Ellie,Jane, & Phil, reading the blog and thinking of you and sending lots of love to you from Leamington, Love and a huge hug and a zillion positive vibes.
Kirsten, Mackie, Isaac and Eve (and Remo - a very naughty hairy dog!)p.s my friend has just had a baby and called her Meg - and she has red hair too! From one red head to another keep fighting and stay strong

Clare said...

Hi Meg
how are you doing?
Hope your last chemo went ok and you are back at home building your strength up . love and best wishes Clare x