Friday, April 17, 2009


Hi everyone its Meggy!!

Just to let you know im feeling a bit down today. I was feeling sick this morning but im feeling better now still a bit sick-ish but im doing good!! Enough about me how about everyone else.
How everyone else doing ?
I dont really have much to say so yeah
Cya later


Anonymous said...

Meggie - Mum here!! Thats was an exciting post!! I think you're doing fanflippintastic!!! Love you darlin" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Moo, its dad here. Thats so typical of you - taking everything in your stride and worrying about how everyone else is!! You are such a star. No wonder we all handle this with some degree of normality( I was going to say sanity, but how would we know what is considered sane and what is not!!!). Its all down to you being so strong and positive whatever you have to deal with. I love you and your spirit soooooooooo much. Continue to be strong my angel. Your ever loving dad.XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg!!
Sorry you are feeling down...not really surprising, with all that you have been through.
We are reeeeeaaalllllly looking forward to seeing you get your award tomorrow. We are so bloomin' proud of you. You do know that I will cry dont you!! So, in advance I apologise for being a blubbering mess.... its only coz we know how strong you are and how much you deserve this award..more than anyone I have ever met.
Lisa and Jay x x x x x x

Clare said...

Hi Meg

sorry to hear you were feeling a bit down on friday .you can't be on top form all the time and with everything you have been through I think you are an absolute super star .Enjoy getting your award you so deserve it .
love Campbell clan xxx

UNCLE STU said...

Hiya Miss Superstar,

Megs this is just a short note to let you know that as we go off to bed here in South Africa tonight, and you are almost getting ready to wake up, get dressed, and go off to receive your Award - that we are thinking of you and will be very much there with you in Spirit as you receive it. Once we have sent this off we are going to say a very special little prayer that God will take away the "sick-ish" tomorrow and give you a very special day, a day full of joy and happiness. We think you are "one helluva girl" and we love you lots.
Lots and lots of love from all the family here in Cape Town