Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Just a quick post to let you know that the docs are happy for Meg to have her two drainage tubes out of her abdomen today and then we can go home! We're amazed that she's bounced back so very quickly after having us so worried for the first few days! It's only a week today since her surgery! So I'm starting to pack up now and hoping that Marianne (Meg's oncologist) will be up to see us with results of the tumour histology before we go.......

Eeehhhh, my Meg....she 'int 'arf tuff!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Blimey Meg!! What determination and strength you have! WEll done, I bet you are both so excited to be sleeping in your own beds so much sooner than any of us thought possible.
Will see you very soon, Lisa

Clare said...

just back in the country thaught would check how things were going should have known being the wonder girl that you are that you are on your way home!! You are a credit to us all , keep going from strength to strength love and very best wishes from clare and the rest of the campbell clan xxx

thebeegeez said...

Gobsmacked !!!!!