Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We went to PMH yesterday for Meg to have a full blood count and to hear the results of her PET scan that she had last week. There are two sides to the results. The good being that the tumour at the top of her liver was not "lighting up" on the scan. This is a good indication that it's necrotic and not active which is great. The PET scanner did however report an area of concern in a different part of her liver (although it's not very clear at all) and in her remaining ovary. As Dr Nick told us, the people that "read" these scans tend to "sit on the fence" when diagnosing so basically they're saying that it could be something, but it could be nothing....... PMH have a paedricatric PET scan reader (not sure what they're officially called) who will give his opinion on Meg's results at a meeting on Monday. So.......good news, and maybe some bad news...... It's so frustrating, worrying, sickening....emotions that I can't find words for.. What is it about Meg's cancer that it's resistant to the usually successful treatments?? I know that she's receiving the best oncologic care, and Phil and I were reasurred again yesterday to hear that Meg's oncologist, Marianne is a world expert on Germ Cell Tumours, but this cancer is, and I quote Dr Nick,"challenging us all". Meg's also anaemic so is on iron tablets and lots of green leafy veg now to get her bloods up before the surgery. She's probably going to have a transfusion on Monday so get her as well as she can be for the huge challenge ahead of her.

Meggie is really keen to go riding again this weekend so I'm going to make a few calls now to see if I can book it. Thanks to everyone for texts, facebook messages, emails and phone calls......we appreciate every single one of them, so even though we don't reply individually, please know that you're making a difference.

Jane xxx


Shaz said...

Hi Guys, really glad that you've had some good news... well done Meggie on being such a star with all the treatment. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll get more good news on Monday. I'll also be thinking of you on Sunday as I ride Dandi out - its wonderful to escape out into the lanes and enjoy being on horseback. Have a great weekend... love Shaz &

UNCLE STU said...

Hi Guys,

Well its not ALL bad news and what there is has got to be encouraging. Don't give up fighting Megs - 90% of healing is in the power of positive thought that you will beat this thing. I hope you have a good ride this weekend and just know that Nicky and I will be praying for you.

Lots of love

Clare said...

Hi Meg,

Clare and Brian hear thinking of you on our honeymoon in Maldives.

Take heart in the good news, your a fighter and always will be so be extra confident.

Thinking of you every day.

Michael Jackson O2 statium London July 2009. Do you fancy it me your mum, Ellie and our Meg. could meet up while the old men go for a beer?

Love Clare & Brian xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane

Thinking of you all. I was hoping to say hello as my son had his operation booked for the 23rd and was going to be in PMH for a week. Unfortunately everybody was ready to go but they forgot to book theatre, so we are slightly delayed.

It is great there has been some positive news, we feel so deeply for you, Phil, Megan and the family having to cope with the waiting between treatment and results it must be excruciating.

We feel from reading your diary how much trauma and pain you are all enduring both on a physical and emotional level. What a wonderful thing you have done with this blog and such great help and support for parents in your situation and an inspiration to the rest of us.

It is great that Megan will hopefully go riding this weekend.

It is so difficult to put into words our thoughts but we just want you to know we are thinking of you all, we have so much hope for Megan, you all have so much strength.

Kate,Terry,Nicolae,Anna & Ben xxx

Anonymous said...

We love you and think about you every day. We're sending positive vibes your way. Happy Belated Birthday.
Suzanne, Chad, and Jack