Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 4 post op

Well, our Meggie has had a hard few days..... She's been very low and "flat" and it's been awful to see her looking so defeated, but as one of her surgeons reminded us, she began this surgery at a low point. She was still under the affects of the chemo and she was anaemic too, so it's understandable that she is taking a while to pick up. Plus, she's had a massive surgery during which the surgeons looked all around her abdomen and pelvis for signs of the disease. Thankfully, they couldn't see any evidence of further disease, so we're now waiting for the results of the histology on the tumour that was removed from her liver. Over the past 24 hours she's had a few more "lines" removed. Her epidural has been taken out and she's now on a self administering pain medication that goes straight into her port. She just presses a button when she feels the need for more relief, but she can't overdose herself. Actually, Meg is in the habit of under-dosing herself and has to be reminded to use the medication! She's had another peripheral cannula removed too so both her arms are line free now. She's also off the oxygen as she's now able to maintain her oxygen saturation with her own breathing. She's had some physio to help her with this. She has to deep breathe every hour in order to fill the lower part of her lungs. She's tending to shallow breathe and only use the top part of her lungs because of the size of her incision but she's doing really well with her exercises. She's also got to move her legs and feet regulalry to prevent blood clots developing. She stood and walked about 5 steps today and then walked on the spot for 10 steps which was great. We had our first standing up cuddle for 5 days :) One of her surgeons came to see her this morning and felt that she had "turned the corner" which is very reassuring for us.

Yesterday, three of the wonderful oncology nurses; Kate, Michelle and Ramina, came to visit Meg and sang "My Girl" to her which was just gorgeous. I videoed it on my mobile phone with the intention of posting it on the blog, but couldn't get it to work (sorry girls! I know how much you were looking forward to seeing your "moves" on here!) Thanks so much you lovely ladies for making the effort and taking the time out for "my girl" XXX

I went home last night to get some decent sleep, Ellie went to her best friend Toneal's house and stayed over, and Phil stayed with Meg. It was nice to be home, but I missed being with Meg so much. I was a bit of a pest, texting Phil so often for an update on how she was. It's strange; I wanted to be home and have some alone time to think, but when I actually got it I was wandering around like a lost soul and felt very restless. I do know though, that it's important for me to get away from the hospital when I have the opportunity - it makes me a better carer when I come back. Poor Phil got very little sleep last night; the recliners that they have in the room are not the most comfortable to spend a whole night on, and Meg was restless. He'll go home today and hopefully sleep well tonight.

So, Meg and I are now watching Harry Potter - The Goblet of Fire - Meg on the chair and me on the bed! I gave her a bed bath earlier and a change of PJ's and she's nibbling on grapes and drinking lots of water. Her appetite hasn't returned yet but she is managing to eat bits of soft fruit.

Here's my little warrior.......I love her so much..... It's not the best shot of her - she didn't want her photo taken!


Roebucks said...

Go Meg! Go Jane! Go Stanleys! Thinking of you all so very much. Please let us know if we can do something. We will be in Wednesday. All of our love - Simon, Karli and Oliver

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed my visit with you guys today. To Meg I wanted to say it was really nice to meet you for the first time and I really think your an amazing little girl, so strong. Thank you for putting up with me today even though I know you were feeling pretty low.
Lots of Love.

thebeegeez said...

Oh Jane!!! What a huge relief to read this and to see Meggie Moo looking so good !! That little girl is as tough as my Grandmas Sunday roast :)

Keep it up Megs, and try and get some kip Jane.

We are willing you on every single day

lots of love to all of you


Anonymous said...

Hi Meggie Moo,

You are a phenomenon! Nana & I are chuffed to bits that you are doing so well. Keep it up and you'll be at the airport to meet U. Simon & Jennifer in less than two weeks. Don't forget your Michael Jackson hat!

Loads 'n' loads o' love

Nana & Grandad xxxxx

Anonymous said...

What a week you've all had! Let's hope that this time, the doctors have managed to get rid of this awful disease once and for all, and you can all get on with the business of living your lives in the sun.

Much love to you all.

Andrew, Kate, Hannah and Bethan.

Anonymous said...

So relieved Meg to see that you are feeling stronger. You had me worried for a bit there!!
I am going to come and see you thursday,(if mum says it is ok) so please let me know if you want or need anything special.

Shaz said...

Meggie, you're amazing and even though you didn't want your photo taken, I'm so very glad your mum took it so that I can see your're getting stronger... Keep getting better please and I'll hope for a little smile in the picture next time... LOL..xxxx Love you

Courtney said...

Hi Megan
Hope you are feeling better soon.
From Courtneyxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane

I am so glad you got home for some rest you must all be so exhausted. Well Meg has done it again and looking so good, what an absolute star she is.

Sometimes it is easy to forget to look after yourself, so I am glad you had a bit of time out from the hospital. Trying to sleep in hospital chairs is literally a pain in the backside.

We have just got a pony for Anna, so tell Meg she can ride him when she wants when she feels better.

She has made a remarkable recovery from such a huge operation. Meg, I know it must be miserable at the moment, but you will be back on your feet soon and sparkling again.

Love Kate,Terry,Nicolae,Anna & Ben xxxx

Clare said...

Hi Meg the photo is great even if you didn't want it taken keep up that determination and strength thinking of you all prayers kisses and best wishes love clare brian megan and alfie xx

UNCLE STU said...

Hi Meg,

For reasons best known to myself I forgot to log on last night. The photo is fantastic considering what you have been through in the past week. As I said in my last message "Go Girl" "You Rock" Megs and we love you very much and we are praying that this is the last time you will be visiting the hospital. Love from everyone in Cape Town.