Monday, December 29, 2008

Hi it's Meg

I'm in the hospital today for chemo and i played monopoly and i watched tv and played my gameboy. Right now i'm in a world of my own. I can't think straight.


Lisa Chalmers said...

Hey Meg,
Jay wants to know what kind of nails you would like?? Sparkly, decorated or just a bright colour? I am wearing the nails she did for me and it is making life quite difficult! I cant even put my contact lenses in !! Dont even ask me what I found under them after changing the baby's pooey nappy!! (Bleurghghg)
Anyway, sweetheart, we all really hope you dont get to feel too sick Meg, and that the medicine works quickly and you get home very soon.
See you soon.
Lisa and Jay.

trazzer said...

Hiya Miss Megginess , Just want you to know that we're all thinking about you hear in sunny (not) Rochdale . wishing you a megga speedy recovery loads of love from uncle Trazzer , aunty Peter and he - she Jade XXX :)

trazzer said...

Hiya Meg its Jade here, want you to know that im thinking about you and hope you get well soon. I know your a little toughy so keep up the good fight and give them Doctors and Nurses 'hell' hahaha Take care and if you cant be very good be very very bad hahaha
With love and hugs and slimy slugs Jade :) XXXXXX