Tuesday, December 30, 2008


A.Doreen said...

From Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.
Hi Megan, Ellie, Jane and Phil,
We are thinking of you constantly as you spend this week in the hospital.You are a beautiful, determinned young lady Megan. Yes-the angels are cheering you on. We hear that Ellie is one of your greatest cheerleaders.
Tons of love and hugs. A.Doreen and U. Bill XXX

jenny said...

hey meggymooo
i have just set an account up so i can talk to you
i have no ideahow to work it but atleast i can talk to you now your in hospetal,
i think about you everday and in april me and dad are hoping to come over and if you think about it its really not that long atall only 4 months until i can see my favorite cousions :)
i was telling one of my friends about you today and i was telling her that i was making an account to talk to you so she said she would send you a little note whilst i was writing this
and this is it ......

im jenny middletons friend
she's been telling me all about you
and i really do hope you get better!
lots of hugs from me
becky xxxxxxxx

i shall try and send you a little message everyday.
i love you loads
and loads and loads
keep getting better beautiful :)