Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year......

Jane here again. It's 7.45pm on New years Eve and I've come home to sleep in my own bed tonight. Phil and Meg are having some time together at the hospital. I really didn't know what to do tonight....whether to stay at PMH, come home or go to Evie's parents' home (Evie was discharged today and her parents kindly invited me to stay at their home and see the New Year in with them - thank you so much guys). I kind of feel very lonely, but on the other hand feel like I need time to reflect on this year, and gather myself together for what I hope, with all of my being, will be a better year next year.

Meg's chemo has kicked in today and she was very "flat" and nauseous for most of the day. We did lots of craft together (well I did most of it while she watched) - making things with buttons and paint, pom-poms, boxes and picture frames (I must get one of those hot glue guns - they're really good!), but Meggie was just going through the motions and feeling very ropey so I put her back to bed. She was very sick, and felt a little better after that but remained very lethargic and quiet. Her medications are making her a little puffy, and one side of her body was very hot compared to the other side. The doctors are keeping a close eye on her as the chemo is so new to them and they aren't familiar with the side effects. I just HATE seeing Meg go through this. I wish it was me. What Mum wouldn't?

So...I'm at home with our dogs and cats and just waiting for the day and the year to end.

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2009 is full of all things good for all of us.

Jane xxxx


thebeegeez said...

Jane, my heart breaks for you. Meg is as tough as nails, she obviously gets it from you. It is already 2009 for you and I hope that it truly is a much better year for you. I know you will be glad to see your Mom next week. Take care of yourself Jane, we are thinking about you, lots of love Bec xoxoxoxoxo

trazzer said...

Hiya Bezzie , Just want to wish you all the very , very best for 09 ..... wish i could give you a massive hug but you know I'm sending you one in thought ! love you loads and stay strong X

ali said...

Hi Jane, Megan and Phil
We were thinking a lot about you last night. We're sorry to hear Megan that you felt so yucky yesterday-hang in there! Evie really enjoyed sharing a room with you.
We had a quiet night last night but we misseed you Jane! I know what you mean about wanting to be on your own though. I really didn't fancy going to a party! Couldn't bear to have a 'happy new year' thingy!
We have to keep believing that this year will be a better year of everything for our girls-sending you much love, strength, hope and hope and hope Ali, Michelle and Evie xxxx
p.s. we're looking forward to that bar b q!!

Lisa Chalmers said...

Hey Jane,
Hope you managed to get some sleep. Kisses to you all.

Clare said...

H i Jane,Meg,Phil and Ellie,

Just sending you all our love, hugs, prayers and very best wishes.We are wishing with all our hearts that 2009 is a much better year for you, I feel deep down inside that it will be. Stay strong keep smiling Meg[you remind me so much of your mum] Love from Clare Brian Megan and Alfie x x x x