Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Forgot to tell you the drummers name!!! It's Mark Schulman and you can check him out at http://www.markschulman.net/ !!!


Anonymous said...

What a truly beautiful person he is.
Have a wonderful time...can't wait for your demo Meg, when you have had a good practise!
All our love an admiration
Lisa and the clan x x

Uncle Simon said...


Give a shout out for your Uncle Simon...I will be listening!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard Meg on the radio this morning which was a beautiful interview. I think we have crossed paths at PMH ward 3b a while back with my daughter Jaime. I heard Meg mention she goes to Creany Primary. We are just a few streets away from there in Kingsley. Feel free to email us at davidandamanda@iprimus.com.au

Uncle Simon said...


Thought you were great, Jenny and I stayed up late to listen in.

Hope you have a fab time at the concert Pink is fabulous live and gives an amazing concerts. Me and Jen saw her last year in Birmingham, she is amazing, you will love it!!!

Please can I have your autograph now you are a worlwide superstar!!!

(thought your mum did a pretty good job also) it was really weird to hear you both.

Have fun with the Drums!!!!

Uncle Simon