Friday, August 7, 2009

Radio Star!!!

Well, many of you will probably already know that we're having an amazing weekend at the moment! Meggie was interviewed on 92.9 radio yesterday about her cancer journey, plus she met with Mark Schulman (P!NK's drummer) and received a FABULOUS set of electronic drums, PLUS two tickets to see P!NK tonight at the Burswood!! We're also being taken in a stretch limo!! - Ellie and Meg to the concert, and Phil and I to the Strike A Chord "Sparkle" Ball! What a fabulous treat! As the concert and the ball are happening on the same night (at the same complex), our lovely friend Lisa and her gorgeous daughter Jay are coming along for the limo ride and then Lisa's keeping an eye on my girls, then travelling back (in style again!) with them! We were overwhelmed with this fantastic experience and generosity! You can check out part of the interview here.....

Also, there are a couple of great pics on the Strike a Chord website

I'm off to get my wild locks of hair sorted out now, in readiness for the ball.......:)

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