Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Strike a Chord For Cancer......

Check out the website http://www.strikeachord.org.au/. This fantastic organisation was founded by some very special people who are making a HUGE difference to the lives of kids living with cancer. They are also giving our Meggie a brand new, fantastic set of electronic drums (with headphones!!). But not only that! The drums are being presented to her by Mark Schulman........mmmmm, now WHO is that you ask??? ONLY PINK"S DRUMMER!!!!! Oh.....My.....God...!!!! And not only that........... this amazing gift is being given to Meg on Friday 7th August, at 8.30am LIVE on 92.9 radio!!! She's SO excited!!!! (So am I!!!) I just hope she can speak on the day because she's very much a "one word woman" when people ask her questions about her cancer.....! If you live abroad (which many of our loved ones do) you can always tune in to the broadcast online at http://www.929.com.au/
The day after this fab event, Phil and I are off to the "SPARKLE" ball, held by Strike a Chord - huge thanks to mum and dad for the surprise tickets that came through the post the other day!!! Now Cinderella needs to find something to wear......!! Prince Charming can still fit into his tux from 15 years ago........ Bugger!!!

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Kiera said...

OMFG :-)
How COOL is that?!

We'll be tuning in :-)

can't wait to see piccies of Cinderella and her prince and the ball ;-)