Monday, February 2, 2009

Positive news.....and where are your comments???

Meg and I (Jane!) went to hospital again today for a blood test and to see if she needed to continue with her injections in her leg to boost her immunity. Her bloods were good and her neutrophils were almost normal which was great. The BEST news is that the recent AFP (Alpha Feta Protein) tumour marker which was the indicator of the fact that her cancer had reared it's very ugly head again, and was starting to creep up, is starting to go down! That means that the chemo is doing what it should and we're hoping that it also means that her tumours have shrunk and she is able to have surgery to remove them.

Meg was D E L I G H T E D!!!! And so she should be! She's had the most miserable summer holiday and it really brought it home today when I took her into school and all of the other children were talking about all the wonderful, exciting things they'd done, and in contrast, Meg had gone through two cycles of chemo. We're definitely not "out of the woods" yet, but at least we're heading in the right direction.

And Meggie needs more comments!!! Where are you Uncle Simon??? Has your hangover gone yet??!! :) Happy Birthday Aunty Tracey!!! XXXX


K19 said...

YAY!!! For MEG!!!! Although I never had the pleasure of meeting you in Texas, I did meet your WONDERFUL Mommy, who helped take care of me and baby Cooper when he was born!! We think about your Mom often, and when people ask me for her number, I have to tell them she moved away!!!:( You are in the best hands and I know that you are JUST as sweet & strong as your MOMMY! She told us lots of stories about both of you girls, and you could FEEL how proud she is of both of you, and mostly how much she LOVES her little girls!!!
Thank you for sharing your mom with us, and hope one day we can all get to meet, let us know when you come back to Texas!!!
Lots of Love,
James, Raimey, Cooper & Brooklyn Kennell

thebeegeez said...

Woo Hoo, way to KICK it Meggie Moo !!!!! That is wonderful news, I know you must be weeing your pants with excitement :)

Keep at it Megs, we are pulling for you.

I know school sucks but I am REALLY glad that you get to go back to see your mates..

lots of love to you all


jenny said...

MEGGY thats fantastic news that your bloods are almost normal :D:D

dont worry about your friends telling you all the fantastic things they have done in the holidays because when i come over in easter we are gunna have a kick ass time :D and you can tell them all how much fun me you and ellie had :D
im so excited about coming out to see you because i miss you soooo much and i have told all my friends about you and what you have been through, they all say hello and think your so strong and amazing which of course you are :)

well im coming out on march the 27th which really is not long as we are in feb already AHHH :D

i have heard that you are having a heat wave over there well we are having snow, how weirds that we havent had much but still everyones frantic and thinks there is loads haha(fingers crossed) might have the day off school tomorrow ha :)

right i shall be off now because your eyes are probably hurting from how much i have written.



Uncle Simon said...

Right then.

I have been in a darkened room recovering from booking to tickets to Oz, not getting over a hangover (oop's)

You had better tell all your freinds that your favourite uncle (that's me) and your favourite cousin (that's Jennifer) are flying in from the other side of the world to see you, now that's fantastic.

Great news about your bloods, keep going in the right direction because you need to be fit and well to make my breakfast's everyday.

You had better get ready coz were are a coming.

Don't forget our Easter eggs - thats the chocolate type before you get any funny ideas.

Keep getting better Megs!!!

Uncle Simon


Lisa said...

Meg so delighted that things are turning round for you.. You are such an amazing person, we are all so lucky to know you.
I think you should write the longest most expensive list of things that you want to do next summer holidays.... coz you really deserve it. Heres a starter for you..
(see you thursday Jane....starve yourself for the day so you can really stuff your face!! xxx)
Monkey Mia
Adventure World
Horse riding down in Margaret river
All the exciting theme parks over East
Hmmm, now over to you.......

Peter said...

Hi Meg chuck!

Fantastic news you gave me on the phone yesterday. Wish I was there to give you a massive cuddle. You're definitely on the 'Up' now and you should be well ready when U. Simon & Jen-Jen arrive.

You needn't worry about U. Simon's breakfast---
a pint of Jack Daniels on his Wheaty-Bangs and a fat cigar to stir his tea will keep him happy!

I read about you, think about you, talk about you and feel for you every day.

Tons of love to my Antipodean heroine. (See? you are not the only one to use long words!)

kiera said...

Megs, you don't know me :) But I'm a friend of Lisa's!

Keep kicking butt, you amazing little superstar!

Philipp said...

Hi Meg,

You probably don't remember me (I think I met you once) but your Mum was my Doula in San Antonio. I have been following your blog and just wanted to say how pleased we are to hear that your chemo is working. You really are a very special & brave young lady.
We're thinking of you lots.

Sarah, Philipp, Patrick & Zoe xxxx

UNCLE STU said...

Hi Megas,

Cape Town is in a celebratory mood!!!!!!!!!! But then again, we knew that you were going to beat this thing because you have a very special Angel looking after you every day ( and I'm not talking about your Mom even though she too is an Angel). I'm talking about a REAL Angel who watches over you every minute of every day. Megs we are so happy to hear the news and look forward to hearing more and more positive news as the days go by.

Keep on fighting!!!!

Lots of love

Stu and Nootch

trazzer said...

Hiya Meggie , Great news eh , you go girl and kick some more A** Thanks for the happy birthday message , I'm getting very,very old now and starting to smell a bit nursing home 'ish . Hope your enjoying being back at school , I used to really love school ( not ) the best part was sitting next to your lovely mummy ..... eeey those were the day's eh Jane !!!!! Take care and be good .Lots of love as alway's aunty Trazzer X :)

Shaz said...

Meggie... what can I say that hasn't been said already... you are amazing and I am chuffed to bits that all your hard work and determination to beat this are paying off... keep fighting!! Give everyone a big hug from me and give yourself one too... love you all loads... Shaz...xxxx

Clare said...







Pauline said...

Dear Megan We spent a few hours with your grandad Peter yesterday and he was telling us all about you. You may not remember us we saw you just before you went to Texes. Your grandad is having a tough time at the moment looking after Bengie while your nanny is sunning herself
in oz with you, I think he and the dog are living on takeaways. Peter and I wish you all the best and that you keep on fighting.
lots of love Pauline and Peter xx

Pauline said...

Dear Megan,

This is a message from Paddy and Sheila Murphy and we are friends of Peter and Pauline Hammond. We have just been reading your blog and wanted to let you know that we were inspired by your journey. We feel you are a very brave girl and are an inspiration to others. You deserve to have a future full of happiness and joy and this is what we sincerely wish for you.

Fondest regards,

Paddy and Sheila

Tiffany Siskey said...

Hello Meggie GREAT NEWS SWEETIE!!! We knew you would kick butt and take names doing it!! Sounds like you have some fun and excitement headed your way with a visit from your family, hope you have a fantastic time!! We think of you and your family often and still miss seeing your beautiful faces across the street. Take care and know you are in our thoughts and prayers!!