Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A detour.....

Well, our little Meg gets to spend her birthday in hospital - again...... It's one year today since I took her into PMH emergency room and she was diagnosed with germ cell tumour. Her birthday was the day after and, although we did our best to give her a good day, it was very much overshadowed by events. So, plans were for her to have her birthday at home this year, and to try and make up for last years fiasco. Up until yesterday afternoon, that was what would be happening. Then the phone rang........

Marianne, Meg's oncologist was on the other end. She's spoken to Meg's surgeon and he wants to do a partial hepapectomy (partial removal of the liver) on March 11th. This put them in a dilemma though, because it's over two weeks since Meg had her last lot of chemo, and it's three weeks until the surgery. So, the poor love gets another round of chemo, starting tomorrow - her 11th birthday :(

To top it all off, we had news yesterday that our application for renewal of our visa to live in Australia has been granted for Phil, me and Ellie, but refused for Meg on medical grounds. We're investigating the implications of this, but I fear it's going to take us into yet another battleground... Fortunately, it looks like we have the full backing of Phil's wonderful employers, The Association For The Blind, so we're hoping for a good outcome... I can't bear the thought of having to leave Oz and removing Meg from the fantastic care she's receiving at PMH.
We had a little respite on Sunday afternoon and had a couple of hours at the beach with Nana. It's so beautiful and only 10 minutes away from our house - we're so lucky. Ellie took her camera and took 130 pics in 2 hours!! She's quite the budding photographer! Hope you like her pics.

So, if anyone is going to be around PMH over the next week, we'd love you to drop in and see us.....Ward 3B (we'll probably be in room 7)

Love to all....... Jane x


trazzer said...

Hiya Stanley's
First of all want to wish Meggie Happy 11th Birthday for tomor , hope the party went well. Sorry to hear another birthday will be spent in hospital but knowing you Mrs S you'll make it special wherever u are ! and finally wow Ellie what fantastic pics you've taken , David Baily eat your heart out ..... I'll be thinking and praying for you all as alway's over the next couple of weeks , good luck and loads of love from Tracey XXXX :)

thebeegeez said...

Oh Megs, sorry you have to be in the rotten hospital for your birthday, that's a total bummer. Hopefully you will make the best of it and the annoying clowns won't bother you !!!

The beach looks lovely, nice job Ellie Bellie.

We send loads of love and tons of hugs and are sending lots of positive thoughts your way

stiff upper lip and all that stuff


UNCLE STU said...

Hi Stanley family,

What a lousy birthday present Megs!! Puts paid to our plans to give you a call tomorrow but never mind you will most certainly be in our thoughts. If you haven't already, take a look at your e-mails. We sent you a birthday message earlier today so that it would ne there when you woke up.

Phil, Jane, don't worry too much about the visa thing for now just concentrate on getting our girl fit and well again. Que Sera Sera guys.


Lots of love and hugs

Stu and Nootch

jenny said...

hey megs,
happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to meggy happy birthday to you :)
i no your probably feeling really rough at the moment because your having to spend another birthday in hospital, just keep doing what you always do stay strong and keep fighting.
it wont be long until im there to give you a MAHUSIVE cuddle.
i cant wait to see you and ellie.
well i hope you like your little or should i say big suitcase full of micheal jackson dvd's now Aj will never get you away, from the t.v.

well i shall see you very soon
love you loadss and loadsxxxxxxxxxxx

The Millers said...

Happy Birthday, Meg. We hope you have a good day, even though you'll be in hospital. We know that Mum, Dad, Nana and Ellie will make it as special as possible for you.

Your day at the beach looked great, and Ellie's photographs were superb. Your weather's very different to ours - we had snow a couple of weeks ago, and now it's pouring with rain. We'd much rather be somewhere warm and sunny like you.

Lots of love

Zndrew, Kate, Hannah and Bethan in wet Creigiau

Peter said...

Hi Meggie-Moo, yer owd grandad here. You've got the best birthday present to get you well -- NANA for an extra week! Get her to give you hugs from me! Don't worry about me in the cold, cold snow... I'm burning the furniture to keep warm! Could do with a few bottles of that heat you're having in Oz!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Try this again! Take 2!
Hello Hello its Canada Calling!
Best of luck with everything - please ask the nurses for EXTRA ice cream and cake when this is all over k? You certainly deserve it kiddo!
Love to the fam, must be great to have Nana there! (Love you Aunty Heather - sorry that Onca Peedee has burned the furniture - he showed me the charred remains on skype the other day!lol)
Love Kerry
Erin and Tom send their love too!

Shaz said...

Hiya Meggie - Happy Birthday to you. I'm sorry you're in hospital again for your birthday but I'm sure you'll make the most of it and have a lovely day.

Give my love to all, thinking of you always, Lots of love Shazzie....xxx Sam and Beth send their love too..xxxx