Monday, February 9, 2009

Fingers crossed.....

Well, we've been back to PMH today to start the series of tests to see what, if anything the chemo has done. Today was audiology followed by a CT scan. Her audiology test went fine and there's been no damage to Meggie's hearing thank goodness. We won't know the CT scan results until Thursday when we go in for a kidney function tests and bone scan. So, it's more waiting ... We're getting pretty good at this; professional waiters we are!

Meg's been feeling pretty "flat" this weekend, and has been having a constant headache which we've been unable to get rid of with medication. Obviously as parents of a child with cancer, that makes us quite "twitchy", more so than if Meggie didn't have any health problems. We'll be speaking to her oncologist on Thursday about this new development. It could be Meg's way of showing her anxiety about this "big week" of tests, it could be the heat, it could just be a normal headache, we don't know, but we will need to get it checked out.

I was lying in bed unable to sleep the other night and I was thinking how life has been so "normal" this last week. Meg has been pretty active and well, she's been at school all week, she's argued with her sister(!)........ You almost find yourself temporarily forgetting that she has cancer. In lots of ways it's nice to have that relief - feeling normal, but then it all comes crashing back when you have another appointment or test.

Meg has established a friendship with a wonderful 17 year old young lady called Elizabeth in the USA who also has been diagnosed with Ovarian Germ Cell Tumour. She began her journey just before Christmas this year and I contacted her to offer our support and friendship. I was so pleased when she replied and now she and Meg are emailing which is great! You can catch up on her journey by typing in "Ohcancergirl" in the You Tube search box. She has a wonderful attitude to her illness and Meggie thinks it's really cool to have Elizabeth as her buddy!

I had a big "fix" of lovely women last week. I met with three of my lovely doula friends on Thursday night and we had a good natter and an indian meal - absolutely loved it! Then, on Friday, while Meg went off to the movies with friends, mum and I met up with my gorgeous Community Midwifery ladies. It was so good to catch up with them again and feel their love and caring. Thank you all ladies!!

Meg's birthday falls on the 19th Feb and that will also mark 1 year since she was diagnosed. As her 10th birthday got lost amongst all of the surgery and tests last year, she missed out on a proper celebration, so this year she's having a bowling afternoon followed by party food at home with silly games! Our wonderful friends Ross, Tanya and Toneal, and the whole gorgeous McGurnaghan clan will be celebrating with us so we should have a great day!

So, time to sign off for now. Hopefully, our next blog will be a positive one with good news. We should find out by the end of the week. Keep everything crossed!!!

Jane xxx


Clare said...

Hi Jane

Must feel so strange having what we take for granted as NORMAL DAYS ,hopefully soon all your days will get back to some sort of normality.I hope all Megs tests go well and all have positive outcomes.Speak soon lots of love Clare x

UNCLE STU said...

Hi Jane, (and the rest of the family)

It hardly seems that a year has flown past since you first e-mailed us about Meg's Cancer and we really have no idea of how you guys have coped with the strain and the worry. We do know however, that our prayers are being answered and it is just so great to hear you speak of having "a normal week". We will be praying that the results of the CT Scan will bring more good news on Thursday.

Our love and thoughts and prayers are constantly with you all.

Stu and Nootch

thebeegeez said...

This is the start of a positive week Jane, I can feel it in me water !!!!!

I hope all goes well, we will try and check up when we are gone...

Let's hope this is the start of many "normal" weeks for all of you, YEAH for the arguing !!!

loads of love to you all


Lisa said...

Hi Guys,
Great news about your hearing Meg, I was thinking about you all yesterday and will continue to send "magical healing sprinkles" to you for the rest of the week.
Fantastic that you have met Elizabeth too, you must be pretty cool Meg, for a 17 year old to be chatting to you!
Tell mum I'll try to pop over one night this week, but I'm bringing my own tea bags...cant bare the mouse pee stuff she makes me drink!
Lots of love
Lisax x xx x

One of the Stanleys said...

Lisa!!! I didn't buy that stuff!! It was awful wasn't it! We now have proper tea in so you don't need to bring your own! :) XXX

Lisa said...

Well, that's OK then, consider your self back on my Christmas list.

UNCLE STU said...

Sounds like a bottle of the bubbly stuff would be better for the two of you!!