Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Just called the hospital (for the third time) and finally got hold of one of the nurses that we know and Meggie's blood results are still all good! This is absolutely fantastic news for us all and yet another major achievement for Meggie. Well done honey!! We have to go back to the hospital next Wednesday for a meeting with the oncologist to go over the results of Meg's CT scan - they won't give those results over the phone - but I'm assuming that as her bloods are fine, everything else is too.

That's three months clear now - bloody fabulous!! My redhead is such a star!!

Now we can go away on holiday (we're off to Bali on 8th Oct) and really relax........


Anonymous said...

Hi Megan

What fantastic news sweetheart. We knew you could do it.

Will be talking to you later.

All our love

Nana & Grandadxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I'll leae the swearing out of this one Jane....
WELL DONE MEG!!!!!!!!! You are a amazing. Enjoy Bali x x x

wilddingo said...

YEEEAAAHHH!!!! congratulations!!

Sharron said...

This is wonderful news, well done Meggie... I am green with envy at you all going off to beautiful Bali... have a fantastic time. Love to all... Shaz...xxx

Kiera Ped said...


You Go Girl!!

corrie said...

That's awesome news! :-)
Well done Meg and big hugs to Jane.
The 'Stanley' family is simply inspirational.
Love Corrie, Paris & Tayah XX