Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 12 - Bloods and CT scan....

Well it's 6.30am and we're off to PMH for another blood test, and Meggie's three monthly CT scan..... nerves, nerves, nerves.........will get the results next week.

Meg's doing great; looking really well, her hair is growing beautifully, and it's still red! Yay! Her temperament just wouldn't suit any other colour!!

We HATE going back into hospital; it brings on really uncomfortable feelings that I can't even put into words, but THANK GOD for PMH. As much we we don't like going back, we're SO glad and lucky that they're there, and are so thankful for the wonderful care that Meg's received these last 18 months.

Thanks to all of you for your continuing messages of support. Pleasee keep them coming...

I'll post Meggie's results next week.

Jane xx


Anonymous said...

Keeping the faith for you Jane...not the biblical one but the faith in you and your family and the faith that your Meg is gonna be just fine.
x x x (see you tomorow evening for our very important weekly meeting)

Kiera said...

You've got a believer over here too.

Lots and lots of love and cupcake hugs to you all. If cupcakes weren't so damned unhealthy, I'd knock you up a bunch.

(if you want them, I still will)

Shaz said...

Thinking of you all, love and hugs... Shazzie...xxx

kirsten said...

positive vibes from Leamington...
we are all in your corner supporting you all the way
Kirsten and family xxxx