Sunday, June 21, 2009


We're back to PMH tomorrow and starting all of Meggie's tests. CT scan, bone scan, kidney function, hearing test, blood tests..... and then the waiting for the results.........It all sounds pretty straightforward but there are a lot of needles, infusions of tracers and blood taking involved, so Meg's not looking forward to it at all.

I had a "meltdown" again this morning. It came from nowhere and it's many hours later now and I still feel so......not sure what the word is........dread-ful, as in, full of dread.....and afraid....... I suppose it's because I know that we're coming closer to knowing whether the chemo and surgery have done what we want them to do, and if they have, which I'm fully expecting, then we're going to be watching, worrying and waiting every month for the results of blood tests. I know that sounds terribly negative, and most of the time, I'm really not negative. I'm just so scared.....

Meg's had lots of fun during the time we're been free of hospital visits (almost three weeks!) She's had two whole weeks at school and she's started riding lessons, and spends as much tme as she can at the stables, looking after the horses, mucking out, tacking up and generally learning about the groundwork of horse care. She even has her own jodphurs and looks fab in them! The other girls at the stables are really lovely to Meg, and she feels very welcome there. Yesterday I took her for her riding lesson at 8am and she spent the rest of the day helping out, and got a free ride at the end of the day and did her first jump which she was absolutely delighted about. Phil went to collect her and it was pouring with rain so when she called me from the car after the ride I asked her if she was drenched and she said she was so I said I'd have a nice warm bath ready for her when she got home. She said "No! I want to keep smelling like horse!!" How gorgeous......


Anonymous said...

Hey Meg, what a beautiful horsewoman you are!! You have the gorgeous straight back...not sure your bum, is quite big enough just yet to be truly accomplished on a horse....but that comes with time ;-)
I am thrilled that you have found your passion and are well enough to indulge it. (Hmmmmm....I wonder if a horse fits in a christmas stocking...maybe borrow one of your mum's, that might be big enough!!)
We have everything, and I mean EVERYTHING crossed for good news Meggie. You are a wonderful wonderful person and deserve nothing but happiness and joy!
(and perhaps a gorgeous chestnut thorough bred for christmas.....)

Lisa x x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg you look fab on a horse ,I wonder wether your mum remembers riding a horse called jimmy many years ago
Fingers ,legs ,toes ,feet and every other parts that can be crossed are crossed and double crossed for the good news you truely deserve xxx

Clare said...

Sorry Meg the last comment was from the campbell clan

The Neals from Stockton said...

Hi all we hav all crossed from Stockton the other side of the world. Best wishes love the Neals.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg & Jane

It was lovely to meet you at last. Hopefully next time it will be over a large drink of G & T. Meg you are just as vibrant in person and Jane you are a powerhouse.

As for the riding we hope that Nicolae will start again in about 3 months. Anna should be riding but we bought what should have been a great child's pony to find he is not 5 yrs old but just 3, making him rather unsuitable for riding at the moment. Trust me to buy a dud pony. They must have seen us coming a mile off.We are working hard to get him to properly broken in.

Meg you look very professional in the photos, we are a family of horse lovers so will have to arrange a ride out sometime and perhaps get your mum and Lisa cantering along with us.

You continue to amaze us and we are wishing you all the best and hope to see you soon.

Love Kate,Terry,Nicolae,Anna & Ben

MARGARET said...

Hi Meg
You are the most unbelievable young lady anyone could know; you look absolutely fantastic in your photos Meg, keep up your fighting sprit with love to you and your family.
I will be in your area soon and hope to meet up with you.
Love from all at Cornwood Farm
XXXXX Margaret

UNCLE STU said...

Hi Meggie,

I've been a little bit naughty not logging into your blog for a while but instead have been keeping in touch with what has been happening on Facebook. Come on Meg, this is the last lap sweetheart and the winning tape is in sight, all you have to do is cross it and the journey is complete and you are a winner!!!!

WE pray for you and the family every day and we just know that God has a special plan for you Megs.

Lots of love and many hugs

Uncle Stu and Aunt Nootch