Friday, May 22, 2009


I'm sick! I've got myself a cold and cough so couldn't go into hospital with Meg for her chemo. Phil's had to take her which is absolutely fine; I know Meg will be very well taken care of by her Daddy. It's just me! I feel really weird not being with her. I keep texting and calling to talk to her; it's so frustrating. I know it couldn't be helped, getting sick, but I still feel like I'm letting her down by not being there. I just like to know exactly what's happening and make sure they don't forget anything....silly I know.... I can't even visit because the ward staff have told me not to visit until I'm well. I thought I was feeling a bit better yesterday, but I've woken up this morning feeling really wretched, and have a temp of 38, so I'm hoping this is the worst day and I start to improve quickly so I can be with Meg. Apparently it's a problem for a number of parents on ward 3B at the moment. There's a nasty strain of the cold going around and it could be very serious for the children if they got it as they're all immuno-compromised. I think I'll go down to the hospital anyway and wavethrough the window to her from outside - I might not be the only parent there!

So, if you have any miracle remedies to get rid of a cold quickly, please pass them on! Thanks!
J xxx


Anonymous said...

Olive leaf extract! ((hug))

thebeegeez said...

Sorry you are feeling crappy gal. I'm sure Miss Meggie Moo will be just fine with her Daddo there, but I know how hard it is when you just want to be there yourself :(

Get well soon

lots of love

Clare said...

so sorry you feeling rough think everything you have been through and are going through there is no suprise that it has to take it's toll .keep your chin up .We are all keeping everything crossed that this will be the very last time you [especially megan] will ever have to go through this horrible ordeal .love ,prayers ad best wishes from the campbell clan xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane

I know it must be really odd for you not to be there with Meg, I know the need and want to be there with your child is overwhelming. I hope you are feeling better soon. I am sure daddy is doing a great job.

We finally have a date at PMH for Nicolae's operation on June 3rd. I don't know how you all do it, I am a nervous wreck. We are in PMH all day on the 28th for pre op testing, so if Meg is still in would love to catch up for a coffee. Then we have the big op on June the 3rd and a week in hospital. He wasn't well tonight and we rushed him to the doctors and he ended up with an injection, I feel so useless.

I often think of you all and am just so amazed at your beautiful photos, with huge great smiles. Everytime it gets tough you all just pick yourself up and Meg is such an inspiration, as you all are.

Plenty of Vit C seem to have staved off the colds for us so far. The other children are having two weeks off school at the moment to make sure they don't give Nicolae any horrid colds before the op.

Lisa has my number if you fancy catching up for a coffee at PMH.

Love Kate,Terry,Nicolae,Anna & Ben